Our advisory capabilities are based on our own in-house market intelligence and the information received from our many external supports.

Our team covers global equities as well as the whole spectrum of the global bond market with a particular expertise on bank debts (Tier1 and Tier2), emerging and illiquid markets, high yield bonds and convertibles.

We assist our clients with their selection of stocks/bonds, portfolio analyses, advice on investment decisions such as switches, purchases and sales.


Quality of execution is paramount and lies at the heart of our trading activities. At a time when dark pools, private and public stock exchanges have multiplied and when execution processes and conditions resemble more and more to a black box, we pride ourselves to favour an open-book policy with our clients, making sure that their interest is always preserved.

In order to streamline clients’ trading activity, we have developed Archangel, a multi task execution platform powered by Sungard, a leading provider of financial IT solutions and services.

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On global equities, our services and overall efforts are mainly supported by the research material of our partners.

Our research team produces a range of reports spanning from a daily pre-market movers on US equities, a weekly fixed income credit overview and regular investment grade bond lists. We also prepare customized reports for our clients upon request.

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In a volatile environment with low interest rates and equity indexes at new highs, risk-adjusted portfolio analysis has become a priority.