Ashenden Finance SA, is a Swiss financial institution established in 1988 to provide institutional clients with a full range of equity and fixed income services. As an independent company with no positions, we provide conflict-free advice and execution.

Based initially in Geneva, the company has set up a representative office in Lugano in 2011 and a fully-owned subsidiary, Ashenden Finance (UK) Ltd, in London in 2013.

Thanks to our clients’ confidence, the company has grown over its 25 years of existence to become a leading actor in Switzerland’s securities markets.

Ashenden Finance SA, Geneva

With its head office in Geneva, the company has often been seen as an innovator in its over 25 years of existence.

The launch of a series of warrants on market indexes, inter alia the last Nikkei Put before the 1990 crash, the creation of the first investment fund dedicated to Nasdaq stocks and the structuring of a pre-ipo mezzanine fund are among its achievements.

The company has also been instrumental in the creation of a multi-asset platform for the benefit of the independent asset managers community in Switzerland.

Ashenden Finance SA, Lugano

The company has integrated in 2011 the activities of Finbro Management SA, a well established brokerage house in Lugano and in 2016, a full team of brokers from Sagres Securities SA, also based in Canton Ticino. This consolidation has supported the company in its development and added a wealth of expertise as well as a vast network of new contacts and counterparties.

The team of 7 moved into its new premises, totally refurbished by the famous studio of architecture Botta, in via Balestra 22b in the summer of 2014.

Ashenden Finance (UK) Limited, London

Ashenden Finance (UK) Ltd has been incorporated with offices 11, Fryston Avenue, Croydon.
The UK addition to its existing operations has positioned Ashenden Finance internationally in order to cater to an increasingly global and demanding client base having to evolve in an ever more challenging regulatory environment. It also allows its UK activities to be regulated in compliance with FCA rules.

Ashenden Finance (UK) Ltd is FCA registered with reference number 717851.

For a link to the Financial Conduct Authority, please visit their website at