Share capital

Ashenden Finance SA has a capital of CHF 500’000 which has been regularly increased to adapt to an evolving regulatory environment and to provide additional security to its clients. The company has been owned by its management since its creation in 1988.

Affiliation and regulation

In Switzerland, Ashenden Finance SA is regulated by the OAR-G (, ID number 766), a self-regulated body with over 500 members. The OAR-G is recognised and supervised by FINMA (

In the UK, Ashenden Finance (UK) Ltd is registered with the FCA ( with reference number 717851.

Ashenden Finance SA has been classified as an active Non-Financial Foreign Entity (NFFE) for FATCA purposes.

Settlement of operations

Our transactions are settled through Société Générale Securities Services, a member of Société Générale Group. SGSS is among the top ten global custodians with EUR 3,995 billion of assets under custody. It is established in 28 locations worldwide and has 4000 employees.

SGSS provides global clearing services to support our activities.

Ashenden Finance SA, LEI : 529900B5BM5YCZVKPN37
Ashenden Finance (UK) Ltd, LEI : 529900T9YUCVRYTX5C73